Sports News

1 Physical sports
1.1 Acro sports
1.2 Air sports
1.3 Archery
1.4 Ball-over-net games
1.5 Basketball family
1.6 Bat-and-ball
1.7 Baton twirling
1.8 Color guard
1.9 Board sports
1.10 Catching games
1.11 Climbing
1.12 Cycling
1.12.1 Bicycle
1.12.2 Skibob
1.12.3 Unicycle
1.13 Combat sports: wrestling and martial arts
1.13.1 Grappling
1.13.2 Striking
1.13.3 Mixed or hybrid
1.13.4 Weapons
1.14 Cue sports
1.15 Dog sports
1.16 Equestrian sports
1.17 Fishing
1.18 Flying disc sports
1.19 Football
1.20 Golf
1.21 Gymnastics
1.22 Handball family
1.23 Hunting
1.24 Ice sports
1.25 Kite sports
1.26 Mixed discipline
1.27 Orienteering family
1.28 Pilota family
1.29 Parkour/Freerunnning
1.30 Racket (or racquet) sports
1.31 Remote control
1.32 Rodeo-originated
1.33 Running
1.34 Sailing
1.35 Snow sports
1.35.1 Skiing
1.35.2 Sled sports
1.36 Shooting sports
1.36.1 Individual
1.36.2 Athletic hybrid
1.36.3 Skirmish
1.37 Stacking
1.38 Stick and ball games
1.38.1 Hockey
1.38.2 Hurling and shinty
1.38.3 Lacrosse
1.38.4 Polo
1.39 Street sports
1.40 Tag games
1.41 Walking
1.42 Wall-and-ball
1.43 Aquatic & paddle sports
1.43.1 Canoeing
1.43.2 Kayaking
1.43.3 Rafting
1.43.4 Rowing
1.43.5 Other paddling sports
1.43.6 Aquatic ball sports Surface Underwater
1.43.7 Competitive swimming Kindred activities
1.43.8 Subsurface and recreational
1.43.9 Diving
1.44 Weightlifting
1.45 Motorized sports
1.45.1 Auto racing
1.45.2 Motorboat racing
1.45.3 Motorcycle racing
1.45.4 ATV racing
1.46 Marker sports
1.47 Fantasy sports
1.48 Other
1.49 Overlapping sports
2 Mind sports
2.1 Card games
2.2 Other
2.3 E-sports
2.4 Speedcubing
2.5 Strategy board games
3 Competitive model sports
4 Different classification
4.1 Air sports
4.2 Athletics (track and field)
4.3 Electronic sports
4.4 Endurance sports
4.5 Goal sports
4.6 Skating sports
4.7 Snowsports
4.8 Strength sports
4.9 Table sports
4.10 Target sports
4.11 Team sports
4.12 Windsports
4.13 Fictional sports
5 Miscellaneous sports
6 See also
7 References

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